Lordship of Codiford Farleigh
Cornwall, England  

Welcome to the Lordship of Codiford Farleigh
in the County of Cornwall, England 

'A manorial Lordship with many Names'

My wife and I welcome you to this official website of the Lordship of Codiford Farleigh, which is also known as Codiford-Farlegh, Lancorla, Cudiford, Gudiford or Cotford Farlo. Over the centuries, the Lordship was recorded in historical documents and books with the aforementioned different name variants and various holders.
Some years ago we became the 18th Lord and Lady of the Manor of Codiford Farleigh and thus we succeeded the last Lady of that historic manor, suo jure or in her own right, who also held the Manor of North Cadbury in Somerset. 

Today in modern England, the lordship title continues and is held as a legally recognised property independently of its historic rights as a so-called incorporeal hereditament.

As current holders and custodians of the lordship, we are proud to take on the responsibility of preserving this wonderful piece of English feudal history, which was very changeful and additionally with a connection to our Barony of North Cadbury.

Hereby we are pleased to present to you this ancient Cornish manorial lordship. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.

6th Baron & Baroness of North Cadbury
18th Lord & Lady of Codiford Farleigh